Running a business can feel like herding cats at times, with so many priorities vying for your attention every hour of the workday. Yet as with most things, the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, is something to keep in mind when making a conscientious decision on how to spend your time. Focus on those few things that will yield the greatest impact for your business. Remember that true leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders. Work with your leadership team to determine the main pillars of your business and then share them openly and often. When your employees know where the business is going and what’s in it for them, they are invested in the journey and the likelihood of reaching the destination together as an organization is infinitely higher.

EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, provides clear concepts and practical tools to help take any business to the next level. It is a proven and complete system for businesses who have plateaued or need the infrastructure to keep up with fast growth. EOS will not only help your business grow more profitably, it will develop and grow your leadership team and create enthusiasm and accountability across the entire organization.

EOS can help you and your leadership team get even better at three things:

  • Vision – Getting everyone across the entire organization 100% on the same page, heading in the same direction and agreeing on how you’re going to get there together.
  • Traction – Developing discipline, focus and accountability throughout the organization, so everyone is executing on the vision every single day.
  • Healthy – Helping your leadership team communicate better, solve problems and function more cohesively as a team.

The EOS Process for Implementation

As a Certified EOS Implementer and someone who is passionate about helping people and companies grow, your success is important to me. I will personally teach, facilitate and coach you and your team to be better leaders and to exceed your limitation.  In addition, I’ll ensure a journey of incredible growth for you, your leadership team and your company as we implement the EOS Tools in the right order and strengthen the six key components of the EOS Model for a successful implementation.

The EOS Sessions

  • 90 Minute MeetingThe 90 Minute Meeting introduces the leadership team of the company to the EOS Model and EOS Process, so the team can decide together where they want to go as an organization.
    Information is shared to learn more about your business and you learn more about your Certified EOS Implementer. You’ll also learn how the EOS Tools strengthen the 6 Key Components of your business.
  • Focus DayThe Focus Day is our first working all-day session together where we determine with the leadership team who is responsible for certain things in the organization, identify priorities, focus on improved communication, identify and resolve issues and establish tracking of important measurables.
    The leadership team will learn how and why companies plateau and ho to continuously break through the ceiling.  You will create the Accountability Chart for your organization with the right structure clarifying roles and responsibilities to ensure you have the right people in the right seats.
    Lastly, you’ll identify your first set of Rocks for the organization and each person on your leadership team. You’ll report progress at the Level 10 Meetings you will implement and build out the first draft of your scorecard.
  • Vision Building Day 1In Vision Building Day 1, we review of the Focus Day tools to be sure you are mastering and implementing them for success, you’ll start building your Vision Traction Organizer by clarifying their vision, establishing core values, determining WHY your company exists and WHAT you do best.
    It is important that the everyone agrees on the vision and is on the same page as to what the long-term goal is for the company.
  • Vision Building Day 2In Vision Building Day 2, we continue the discussion of clarifying the company vision and the plan to how you are going to achieve it.  We will review the tools implemented thus far and continue building out the Vision Traction Organizer by answering the 8 key questions on the Vision Traction Organizer.
    We will end with the leadership team all being on the same page and excited to share it with the entire organization next.
  • V.    Quarterly Pulsing
    The Quarterly Pulsing Session is a deep dive into a 90-Day World with the Leadership Team reviewing the last 90 days by celebrating successes and identifying lessons learned in order to set a plan for the next quarter and resolve key issues.  The Vision Traction Organizer is reviewed in detail making sure everyone is on the same page. Next, you’ll “pull it all together” with tools from The EOS Toolbox and be sure you are mastering the tools. You’ll determine the most important new rocks for the next quarter and solve key issues keeping you from accomplishing your goals.
  • Two-Day Annual PlanningIn the Two-ay Annual Planning Sessions, you’ll review your 1-Year Plan and previous quarterly rocks.  We will focus on Team Health exercises to strengthen and develop the Leadership Team.  You’ll perform a S.W.O.T. Analysis to identify opportunities and issues to utilize in across your Vision Traction Organizer. Next, we will review and update the 3-Year Picture™ and create the new 1-Year Plan.  Lastly, we will determine your rocks for the next quarter and resolve all the key issues.

Thousands of entrepreneurial organizations across the country are utilizing The Entrepreneurial Operating System®.  Business owners and leaders are running their business instead of the business running them.
Why does EOS work?

  • Created for Busy Entrepreneurs – EOS is comprised of simple concepts and practical tools can be easily implemented because they are tools that help people get things done once and for all.
  • Simple Model and Approach – The EOS Model with the Six Key Components™ – Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction is the foundation to build any business on.
  • Solve Issues Once and For All – The entire leadership learns how to identify the real issues and solve them once and for all saving time and improving efficiencies across the organization.
  • Focus, Discipline and Accountability –  EOS is a simple, foundational framework to define what is most important, who should be responsible for it where everyone has a number for accountability and success.

EOS works in any entrepreneurial organization and across diverse industries to help people in your business clarify, simplify and achieve your vision.
The best way to learn more about EOS and if it is right for your organization is to schedule  a 90 minute meeting with your leadership team and mw as the Certified EOS Implementer .  The meeting is complimentary and there is no obligation to move forward. It will answer a lot of questions and bring clarity to your leadership team if EOS is right for you and if you are right for EOS.
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